Star Tarot Deck

The Beauty of Solano County
Located in Fairfield, CA off of Texas St. on Webster St.

Fall of 2007         75’ long and 20’ tall

To view the process of creating the mural click here

Fairfield Mural Committee commissioned Cathy to do the mural in 2007. The theme was the flora and fauna of Solano County. Cathy developed the design from her past experience of growing up in Fairfield and long hours of researching the animals and the plant life. The mural was started in late August and took 6 weeks to complete.

The mural has a combination of over 100 animals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The backdrop of the mural merges the landscapes of Twin Sisters, the lushness of Green Valley Falls plant life, Rockville Park, Grizzly Island and Suisun Marsh. Cathy worked with a talented group of volunteers that contributed to the mural. Ken Chew, Bob Murray, Eileen Gay, Laura Napier, Lee Wilder Snider and Gayle Fraser.

Cathy’s intent for this mural was to bring the publics attention and awareness to the natural beauty Solano County and also for the public to recognize how important it is to preserve the natural wild areas that are left. Some of the animals she has painted are no longer residences of Solano County, such as the grizzly bear. The Tule Elk have been reintroduced. The San Francisco Gartner Snake, Tiger Salamander, Red Legged Frog and Contra Costa Gold Fields are endangered species in Solano County

Left Side of Mural Wall
Middle Section of
Mural Wall
Right Side of Mural Wall
Cave Detail