Temperance – #14
The Alchemy of Life

Temperance is the alchemy of life; the magical blending of our body and spirit; the transformation of an ordinary person into an enlightened one. The Archangel Michael stands between the setting sun and the rising moon OR the rising sun and the setting moon. Each transition is a magical time, a time between daylight and evening or early morning into daylight. During these times the veils become softer. From the mountains of enlightenment and wisdom, a path leads from the sun and moon into a pool of the spirit. They mix together and then flow into yet another cycle of balancing. The angel pours from the silver cup of the subconscious into the golden cup of the conscious – the unseen into the seen, and then back and forth. The radiant liquid being poured back and forth between the cups is the transforming life force of one’s imagination. The silver cup represents the energies of the moon. The golden cup represents the energies of the sun. The two work together, moving ideas into action. The magical fluid becomes the transforming elixir of love that unites opposites.
Behind the angel is a rainbow – the rainbow bridge, representing the connection between heaven and earth. The connection also represents finding your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow contains all the colors of the seven chakras in alignment, symbolizing the pathway to inner peace and enlightenment. The rainbow also symbolizes the practice of alchemy, traditionally defined as the transformation of lead into gold, or transformation of an ordinary person into an enlightened one through the divine guidance of the Angel.
Temperance helps melt away conflict. It represents the constant evolving, adjusting and resolving of the self. You are testing the waters, integrating the spiritual and material worlds in the game of life. You are working relationships between the conscious and the subconscious. The angel that stands in the middle is Archangel Michael, one’s guardian angel who guides and helps one along the rocky road of life. Temperance represents healing, tempering and adjusting. It combines and blends elements to create something greater in one’s life. The process of creation removes stagnation and brings life to any situation. Temperance represents using the gifts we have been given in life, blending them with our spiritual beliefs to create an experience that spirals one into a deeper understanding of the magic of living life in our world.
Temperance is Latin for “to mix”. Temperance’s job is to flow the creative energies back and forth – balancing, combining and recombining the components of life, until they mix into the ideal mixture or solution, creating synthesis. As Temperance flows with the inner balance of the cosmos, it guides each of us as individuals to blend and temper our energies toward a greater purpose. It is like the tide of life flowing and mixing energies back and forth in a soft, subtle, magical movement. Temperance is healing, magical and transformative.

Symbolism in Temperance Image

The angel is the Archangel Michael, angel of the sun and protection. The solar disk on his forehead signifies he is the fire of the soul that enlivens, purifies and transforms the human mind and emotions. He is divine guidance, helping us to deal with our demons. The angel has a red square with a triangle and a seven-pointed star on his chest. The square symbolizes the reality of physical manifestation. The triangle pointing upward symbolizes fire and spirit. The two combined make up the seven-pointed star which is a symbol of mastery. The Hebrew letters above the star are the Tetragrammaton – Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh which mean ‘The Most High’ and spell the name of God. The angel blends and mixes the a magical liquid of life and spirit between the two cups. The golden cup has the lion carved on it, representing the sun, spirit and fire. The silver cup has an eagle carved on it, symbolizing the moon, emotion and water. The Angel’s right foot steps into the water of the spiritual world, touching the crescent moon. His other foot rests on earth, the material world. This stance symbolizes the daily integration of the combined worlds.
On the horizon you see the sun and the moon. The silver road traveling from the moon to the pool of spirit and the golden road traveling to the sun symbolizie the daily cycles of the rising and setting of the moon and the sun, and of the spirit and material life ever mixing and blending into magical balance. The rainbow behind Archangel Michael represents all the colors of the chakras working in alignment on the pathway to inner peace and enlightenment. The rainbow bridge symbolizes the gateway to heaven. The angel’s rainbow wings further symbolize his commitment to helping one to live the magic of life with the divine. The astrological symbol for Temperance is Sagittarius and the Hebrew letter is Samekh, meaning support or foundation.

Temperance as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality Symbol, Temperance has a gift of pulling together polarities, creating a greater whole. You have the ability to bring together components of a situation that seem impossible to others. You are a visionary and extremely creative. People feel comfortable around you as you are able to create pleasant situations out of uncomfortable situations. You are a compassionate soul and the feelings of others are always a concern of yours. You need to trust your inner impressions and feelings. By doing so you will be inspired with new creative insights. You have an interest in the esoteric and want to explore the world of myth and mysticism. You believe in the magic of life. You understand that life is constantly taking new forms, presenting new opportunities to be integrated to create something greater and more enlightening. Career interests may take you into research, the arts, nature, or science.

Temperance as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During a Temperance year you need to integrate polarities and paradoxes in your life. You will want to strive for more beauty and balance. It is a year when things seem to be working for you. You may become interested in expressing yourself artistically or embracing the arts, or you may want to explore subjects that rejuvenate your higher mind. It’s a very creative year for you and you will want to express this creative desire in some fashion. It is a year to nurture yourself, a year to balance your energies and create space for new visions and dreams to unfold.