The Sun – #19
The Solar Star – Joy and Transformation

The Sun is the divine marriage of the self/spirit with God/Creator. When the sun is shining, everything becomes simple and joyous. The Sun feeds our life force. It makes us feel better. The warmth of the sun feeds, nourishes and heals our souls and bodies. The Sun is energetic, motivating, creative, active and transformative. It brings a feeling of being alive and renewed. The Sun is constant. It rises every day bringing new light with it, and new opportunities.

The Sun is knowledge filled with light, love and wisdom. It is the integration of the opposite poles, the light and the dark. It is the balance/blending of the conscious and the subconscious. It represents a perfect balance with God/Creator. The Chinese symbol of this experience is yin/yang – the blending of male and female energies, the symbol of inner peace that our spirits seek. The restlessness and questioning stops. As our spirit begins to be free and shine outwardly, the inherent joy (divine inner child) within each of us can reach out and touch the light of God, giving us fulfillment and happiness. Even if we remain closed in, the constant light of God/Creator is endlessly sending golden, healing and enlightening rays, trying to filter through those boarded-up inner windows. The Sun liberates and transforms energy that is locked inside. This experience is transformative and liberating. There is no fear – you have faith in yourself and in God/Creator. Faith can transform your inner world, which then transforms the world around you.

The Sun brings enlightenment, which is an experience – not an idea. Without saying a word, enlightenment  will shine through one’s eyes and being. Enlightened eyes experience the world as spiritual and eternal, rather than the drudgery of day-to-day experiences of life’s endless chores. The challenges of The Sun are to have faith, being able to trust yourself and others, listening to your divine inner child, thriving rather than surviving, not manifesting on your limitations and restrictions but seeing what is working and what is integrated within your polarities. When we are able to trust and have faith in ourselves, balancing and blending our dualities, we move to spiritual realization and rebirth. The Sun represents reaching to a new joyous level, as we come out of a trying time in our life. It is a time of happiness. Our spiritual realization is that we are basking in the sun of the light of God the Creator. Let The Sun shine in, let your light shine out and feel the unity with all. Dance the dance of unlimited opportunities that this world and universe have to offer.


Symbolism in The Sun Image

The sun itself represents the divine light of God/Creator. It is the life force that feeds our body and soul. The floral mandala in the center of the sun symbolizes the ‘being’ of light, forever shining wisdom and love. It’s rays are sending out creativity and spiritual renewal.
The sunflowers express how one thrives in joy and happiness when the sun is shining its life force upon them.
The rose is deep violet in color, the color of our crown chakra, representing one’s spiritual unfoldment. The Sun corresponds to the Heart chakra. The heart in the center of the rose represents the healed heart in peace and balance with its oppositions, light and dark (yin/yang symbol).
The butterfly emerging represents one’s transformation. Within the wings you will see the twins in unity, bringing together the poles in one’s life. The twins also represent the reconnection with one’s twin flame.
The sun child symbolizes our inner child, free to express himself in the full light of the sun. His arms open up to embrace all the joys around him. He is also the universal symbol of regeneration and blending the conscious and the subconscious. The butterflies flying up and around the sun represent happiness that is transcendent. They are the seeds of new creations taking flight. The Hebrew letter is Resh, meaning head and face of man.


The Sun as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality Symbol, The Sun represents one who is a natural motivator and an inspiration to others. You are one who looks at the greater picture. You work well with groups of people and are a team player. You believe that two or more minds collaborating together can create a greater whole. The Sun personality is confident, optimistic and happy. You have a lot of vitality and when you are in the full light of the sun you can succeed in almost any endeavor. You are active and creative and you need an occupation or project that will support your creativity, as well as a partner that supports your work and ideas. You love nature. Being outside in nature and in the sun regenerates your spirit and body to a renewed state. You need this, to keep the synergy of life ascending in your realm of creativity. You are an inventor of new ideas.


The Sun as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During The Sun year you may be collaborating with others to start new projects. There may be a sense of wanting to be part of a community project. Or it may be time to remove yourself from projects that are depleting your energy. Couples could find themselves working with eachother on fulfilling projects. It is a year when friends become lovers or lovers become friends.
It could be a year when some tremendous healing within you takes place. New insights or intellectual breakthroughs can happen. It is a year to honor your inner child and true self. The Sun year is a year of luck and opportunities. It is a year to let your inner light shine with generosity. The Sun year is when the dreams that were planted previously can come to full realization.