Strength – #8
Discovering Your Inner Truth/Courage

The Strength image represents our inner strength, our instinctual side, our feminine side. It’s zodiac aspect is the sign of Leo – passion and creativity. The Strength Key represents the taming of our reactionary selves (passion and emotions out of balance) when difficult situations arise. Strength works from the truest form of self-love and knowing. It works from our instinctual nature, our passions and our creative energy, all intertwining in a beautiful balanced way. This Key is full of passion and love for life. It works from quiet power that knows how to channel it’s energy in a way that is honored and respected by yourself as well as the people and the world around you.
When your inner strength shines through you, you are radiant. You have a lust for life. Your heart is open, full and strong. You give love without expecting anything in return. Your actions speak of the love you have in your heart. You have faith and trust in yourself and your abilities. Faith and trust unfold into your creative power, enabling you to live to the fullest. You are in awe and wonder of the world around you. The fears that once kept you trapped, burn away. You understand and enjoy the process of living in the present – not working or living life through “ego strength”, but strength from your connection and understanding of nature, the universe, God/Creator, and how we can channel all of this energy through our love and passion for life.
Strength has us seeking our inner truth, to be courageous and to follow our bliss with responsibility. Strength is about the courage to face our suppressed fears, weaknesses and feelings that block us, thus allowing our inner passions to release and sparkle beyond what the ego or others might censor. The Strength card wants us to trust and believe that the process of self-discovery and stretching ourselves is an enlightening experience. It is an opportunity that is ever-present and ever-changing. The time is now, our life experience is now. The process of life is never-ending and is full of creation and destruction, always stretching us to new horizons. We have a choice to stay “safe” (though we never really are safe from change), or we have a choice to embrace life and all of its experiences, taking the good with the bad, seeing the possibilities and potentials of both. See how precious and vibrant life is. The fearful times put us into uncertainty. Uncertainty is part of being human, yet it can teach us to trust in ourselves, our intuition and instincts, giving us courage and strength.
Strength gives us the ability to face life. Whatever decision, change or problems that arise, we can address them with faith, love, hope and courage. We can find the strength within to go forth when difficult situations or decisions are at hand. The more we practice this, the stronger we become. Our spiritual strength deepens and our lust for life becomes powerful. Our love for life, our own life, the lives around us and our world is felt so completely that our inner peace and inner strength settle any conflict within our hearts, souls and minds.

Symbolism in Strength Image

A woman stands behind the great lion. She has the infinity symbol centered at her solar plexus. The infinity sign symbolizes a balance between heaven/earth, male/female, head/heart and ‘as above so below’. The heart at her chest emphasizes her passion and love in being true to one’s self, while having the courage to live life from truth. The red roses in her headdress and gown symbolize one’s desires, love and passions that keep one alive and evolving spiritually. She holds the red snake, symbolizing her control over her passions. The snake also represents her awakening kundalini, the spark or fire that motivates us to move forward. The crescent moon behind her head symbolizes a new journey, a new beginning of discovering one’s inner strength. In front of her, the mighty lion stands. He is the lion cub from The Emperor image, now fully grown and ready to test his abilities on the journey before him. He represents the inner strength in all of us that needs to be tested in the greater world. He also represents one’s animal nature. Together, the woman and the lion stand at the edge of the magical forest. She has been his guide and now he must leave and find himself. The tree next to them is carved with magical symbols representing the lion’s knowledge and tools that he will always have along his journey. The roots of the tree spring out to different paths one can take in one’s life. The lion is at a crossroad and has to trust his instincts and heart and have the courage to choose. There is a big world of wonderment that he needs to explore. The astrological aspect of Strength is Venus in Leo. The Hebrew Letter is Teth, meaning snake.

Strength as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

Strength as your Lifetime Personality symbol represents one who is very creative and likes to be in the limelight. You are very charismatic and people like to be around you. You have an inner strength that shines out. You are physically strong. The Strength personality loves a challenge. You are a risk-taker and live your life fully. You strongly believe in yourself and your ideas. Your lust for life is felt by others, and is inspiring. You never let the odds get you down. Things blossom for you, and continually regenerate your life-force so you can continue on your path with confidence. The Strength personality is emotional, and works from the heart. You feel deeply and passionately. You thrive in creative projects. You may be attracted to theater, arts, sports or healing; basically anything that you have a passion for, you will do it well.

Strength as a Yearly Growth Symbol

This is a year when your passion for life re-enters. You will feel creative and want to be around creative and passionate people. You will feel your inner strength manifest in many areas of your life. You feel courageous. Physically you feel strong and want to explore areas that you may not have been confident enough to explore in the past. You will see the beauty and strength within you shine out and inspire others. You may feel you have overcome some big blocks or limitations and you are ready to embrace your life with vigor and enthusiasm. It is a year in which you want to follow your passions. You need to remember to keep your kundalini in balance while enjoying all this new inner strength.