The Moon – #18
The Threshold of Transformation

The Moon is full of mystery and wonderment. Its waxing and waning cycles reflect death and rebirth, fertility, intense dreams, deep sleep, heightened psychic abilities, unexpected situations and transformation. Its cycles reflect the cycles of our own spiritual path. The Moon stirs an ancient, mysterious feeling inside of us.
The Moon Key intensifies any situation, taking it to unexpected realms. The Moon is the threshold or gateway to a new reality. It is yet another initiation and its path can be referred to as “the dark night of the soul.” If you have ever walked outside at night under a full moon without flashlight and away from any light source, you have experienced The Moon’s mysterious, illusionary scenery. It is surrealistic. The scenery around you has a different, shadowy cast to it; it takes you out of the ordinary. Don’t get lost in its illusions. You have to use your senses and pay attention. You have to trust your intuition and your instincts.
The Moon is the gateway to the unknown. It brings you to new unfamiliar ground, and all the fears and demons that you have carried are now bigger, scarier and meaner monsters than you have ever experienced. When The Moon calls you to enter the darkness, feelings and emotions come out of nowhere. Trust your inner divine light. The Moon reminds us to go forward without worrying about all the “what ifs.” Trust your authentic self and fight the monsters. Light is always brighter than darkness. The Moon’s guiding light says “Follow me, use your strength and focus, trust your intuition and instincts and you will wake up on the other side of the threshold – liberated”.
The passage through the Moon’s threshold is tough, but the reward is renewal. Challenging situations propelled us towards transformation. You’ve earned the right of passage. The gift of wisdom and love comes to you. As the Moon reflects all its energy and light onto us, we in turn reflect the energy of love and light to others. We use our bodies as a vehicle to live life in the essence of beauty, love and goodness.
The Moon can inspire us on our way to new ideas and paths. Though it doesn’t reveal the total situation to us, it teaches us to tap into our intuition and trust. It opens information and inherent memories through dreams, meditation and visions. It reflects where we are on our cycle in our lives and how we feel about it. It reminds us of the cycles of life and that our spiritual paths are always beginning, ending and rebirthing. The Moon reminds us that we will pass through “the threshold” many times on many levels and each time we do, we heal ourselves and our understanding becomes deeper. The Moon reflects the sun; we reflect the Divine.

Symbolism in The Moon Image

The full moon reflects the light of the sun. It illuminates the threshold on one’s path. It leads one to the brilliance of a new dawn. The gray towers represent the threshold or gateway to spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. The cycles of the moon on the towers represent the cycles of nature and the cycles of one’s life. The left tower represents the waxing cycle. The right tower represents the waning cycle. One is between two worlds when he crosses the threshold.
The two wolves are the guardians of the threshold, as well as the the guides that assists one through the dark unknown path. They represent one’s natural animal instinct and one’s mental thoughts which, when combined, feed one’s natural intuition. They also represent the unconscious and the conscious self, as well as the light and the dark aspects of the self. In Native American tradition wolf is the teacher, but also the guide to the sacred mountain, where there is a great medicine lake in which all the world is reflected. The forest is where our path begins, leading us through unknown territory. The path comes out onto the golden pyramid, climbing to the very top where the medicine lake is and where the moon reflects all wisdom and rebirth.
The owl represents truth and wisdom. The crayfish is emerging from its watery world of the subconscious into the moonlight of illumination. He represents one’s primordial self entering onto the path of spiritual development. The new moon behind him signifies the start of his journey. The two ravens are calling to the primordial self to wake up. The ravens give courage to enter the darkness and they offer the promise of the healing it can bring. Raven is the bringer of magical transformative light. The astrological aspect of The Moon is Pisces. The Hebrew letter is Qoph, meaning back of the head.

The Moon as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality Symbol, The Moon represents one who has a great deal of magnetism, and like the moon you bring light into darkness. You are very deep and sometimes emotional. You are a true romantic. There is an interest in the mysterious. Dreams, visions, and psychic phenomena are areas that you like to explore. The Moon personality trusts in his/her intuition. Within you there is an inner sense of ‘knowing’ that flows very deeply. You follow your gut feelings. You are gifted with psychic intuition.
You are a very private person. When one is as sensitive as you are, you want to make sure you have trust and loyalty before you allow another in. Life will present you with lots of choices between two issues, people, situations and opportunities; whatever it may be, you have the ability to stick to your path and make the choice and move on. The Moon’s lesson is to be your authentic self, without deceiving yourself or others, living with commitment to truth. You understand the Karmic cycle and wish to heal aspects of yourself that don’t serve you or your world.

The Moon as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During The Moon year you may be facing some big choices in your life. It is also a year when you may need to face your self-deceptions and delusions. You will want to live a more authentic life, true to who you are. Some unforeseen situations may arise. It is the year of ‘The Rite of Passage.’ There may be a choice that will bring you to the threshold of transformation and renewal. Always look for the light, it is always shining, even in one’s darkest moment. Learn to trust your intuition. The Moon year can also be a year of psychic and intuitive awakening