The Magician – #1 Focused Manifestation and Communication

The Magician represents our creative force and our goals, communicating with clarity and directing our creative energy. The Magician’s number is one. One represents new starts, new beginnings and planting seeds. The Magician also relates to the four Aces in the the minor Arcana (Ace of Wands-fire/spirit, Ace of Swords-air/intellect, Ace of Cups-water/emotions, and Ace of Pentacles/Disks-earth/material), as well as the four tens of the minor arcana which represent the completion of something and the beginning of something. The Magician uses the four elements fire, air, water and earth in a balanced fashion to create what he desires. But his biggest talent is to channel divine inspiration directly into tangible matter. The Magician is air and fire. He channels energy, grounding it and directing it into a creative manifestation. He is balancing his energies to create magic and creativity in his life.

When you view the image of this Key, you see The Magician with his right arm holding a wand extended to the heavens, while his other hand is directed to the earth. In front of him is a table, with the tools of life (symbols from the minor arcana that represent the four elements). He uses these tools in his daily experiences, constantly adjusting, balancing and refining each potential as it plays out in his world. The more he exercises this act, the more he trusts his choices. The Magician acts like a conduit, tapping into the universal forces of inspiration, wonder and imagination. When he receives the seed of an intention or a desire, he works out his plan internally with a focused clarity. He then puts it to action with the power of confidence and will. The goal is transformed into reality. This is the process and the power of the Magician.

The Magician does not hold on to this creative force; he processes it and releases it into his world like a lightning rod. He allows the power to flow through him and embrace his material world. He shares the divine connection with all and awaits the next bolt of creative force to come through and ignite his imagination. This is a process that produces great achievements for the world and at individual levels. Each time this act is experienced, one becomes more connected to his/her inner self and to the cosmos of the ultimate divine universal energy, which is always working for the good of all.

The Magician represents the visionary in each of us and the potential that is possible. He wants us to pay attention to that flash of insight or inspiration that comes to us and to act on it. His excitement feeds his life force, and his willpower. He is committed and focused. He knows what one calls ‘miracles’ is possible and does happen. He encourages us to work our magic to turn our lives around, create our goals, and feel the life force and vitality that happens when we engage in fulfilling a goal. We are all magicians. We are all constantly creating our life/destiny whether we are doing it consciously or not. The Magician prompts us to create consciously, with the light of love in our hearts. Claim your power. Feel the force and strength that flashes like a shooting star of inspiration. Direct it to your world and let it blossom to its full potential. Stretch your wand up towards the heavens, be inspired and manifest your dreams.


Symbolism in The magician Image

On The Magician's chest is Caduceus, one of Mercury’s sacred symbols. Mercury cast his magic wand between the two warring snakes, who wrapped themselves around it, thus creating the symbol of opposing forces in balance. The Magician holds up his wand to the divine energies of the universe. He receives cosmic inspiration to bring into manifestation. The ten stars shooting from his cap symbolize the number ten, representing the continuous cycles of completion and then another beginning. The four Aces of the minor arcana (symbolized by the wand, cup, sword and pentacle swirling around in unison), represent the four elements of life and the self working in balance. The Magician's table consists of the universal creative spiral and yin/yang symbols (balancing the dualities of male and female energies). The Magician’s finger is shooting a lightning bolt hitting the ground, symbolizing the creative inspiration manifesting into the physical. The snake is decorated with the Hebrew symbol yod (hand or finger of God) and the creative spiraling of the universe symbolizing the ever- changing/ever-re-creating energy that is our life force. The snake biting its tail is radiant creative energy transforming itself into manifestation. It also represents regeneration. The smoke around the card represents illusion and delusion; if air (action) and fire (passion) are not in balance, one is not able to see through the trickery of the smoke. The seventh chakra or the crown chakra is associated with The Magician. Also associated with The Magician is the planet Mercury and the Hebrew letter is Beth, meaning house.

The Magician as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

The Magician as your Lifetime Personality Symbol represents one who is focused and a has strong will to manifest one’s ideas. You have great mental focus and you work hard for the goals that you want to achieve. You have the ability to open yourself to divine inspiration and be a channel for higher consciousness, thus, being an inspiration to many. You are an excellent communicator. You would do well as a healer, innovator, teacher, inventor, or anything to do with communication. You are always into something, figuring out how it can work, or developing ideas. You think fast on your feet and are usually ahead of the game. Sometimes you can get side-tracked with too many ideas and lose your focus. You have a great ability to make things happen and transform ordinary things into exciting magical experiences.


The Magician as a Yearly Growth Symbol

There is no growth year for The Magician. But we all share The Magician’s universal principles and have his communication skills and will for manifestation.