Justice – #11
Inner Balance

Justice stands holding her scales in balance. The scales are part of her actual being. The scales symbolize her weighing out situations when it comes to decision-making. Her two-edged sword of righteousness and discerning intuition is lined up with her seven chakras, keeping her decision-making in balance and ready for action. The sword represents the creative mind directly applying and bringing realistic answers and solutions to the table. The sword also represents the strength that comes from Justice holding her inner balance. Justice represents holding on to our inner balance while living our lives in the chaos of the world. Justice wants us to look deep inside ourselves and identify our contradictions. By balancing what our intuitive side feels with what the conscious mind is speaking, one is able to work from a place of power, rather than confusion. Her crown is connected to the tree of life, allowing Justice to tap in to divine guidance and truth. Justice is associated with the astrological sign Libra, which has the ultimate goal of living in harmony and fairness.
Justice works with our social law, cultural law, personal law, but also with our cosmic law. Justice’s job is to integrate all of this within herself to find what works best in the bigger picture, where we are all considered. Holding and working from this balanced position takes a lot of practice, but Justice is patient. With the Justice Key, you are taking responsibility for your actions; you are weighing out and measuring your next choice or action. You realize that the steps you take will not only affect you, but others. Justice wants one to live one’s life in balance, without the tension of always feeling the pull of the opposites. Holding that balance takes practice. Sometimes, one can get so overwhelmed with what to do about a situation that indecision takes over, and clarity is gone. At this point one needs to quiet him/herself and go within and listen. The mind and heart will duel as long as you feed the fire. Let the sword of discernment pierce the pool of the subconscious and wisdom; meditate and let the poles of opposites comes to a rest. A solution will rise. It may not be what you wanted or expected, but if it feels “right” in your body, heart and mind, then you have an answer.
Justice represents the laws of nature, moral law, legal law and the laws of the universe. She reminds us that there is divine justice. Her purpose is to be fair and impartial while seeking truth and answers, which guides her to set her decision in motion. She encourages one to weigh matters carefully before making important decisions that will affect you and others. She reminds you of your responsibility to yourself, your world and to the divine. She stands strong with intention, as an example to all of us, as we walk our daily path, to be righteous. Before you act, bring balance to your feelings and emotions, combing them with your inner wisdom and what you “know” is right, rather than what you want to be right. Do and be the best that you can. Be a vessel for the divine light to shine through, with the understanding of cosmic justice rather than ego justice.

Symbolism in Justice Image

Justice has peacock wings, representing the incorruptibility of the soul. The iridescent color represents the duality of good and evil, but also the magical quality of life. The eye in the tail feathers represent the discerning, watchful eye. The peacock symbolizes renewal as it sheds its tail feathers once a year and grows them back in the spring. The feathers symbolize reincarnation and karma. Justice wears a deep blue dress representing faith in herself and her connection with divine energy. Her scarlet cape symbolizes courage and passion. The sun rising in the back symbolizes the light of inner illumination and the development of inner justice. The crescent moon symbolizes the ever-cycling choices in life. Behind Justice the tree of life grows and flowers with promise of truth. Justice balances the scales; one scale symbolizes her heart – the other scale her mind. The balance point of the scales are at the third eye – insight. Off of the scales shoots the arrow of truth through the crown chakra. Once the scales are balanced, the decision is made and it is now part of the universe. The golden sword is part of Justice. It is in line with the 7 chakras and descends into the pool of intuition. It is a two-edged sword, piercing through illusions, as well as representing choices. The emblem over her heart chakra symbolizes compassion that she expresses in her decision-making. The two trees have carved stone pillars embedded in them; the one on the right represents mercy (masculine) and the one on the left severity (feminine). Justice herself represents compassion holding the center and balance of the two pillars of severity and mercy. The two waterfalls flow into the pool of wisdom and reflection. The stones of the left waterfall are white, symbolizing the thoughts of the mind; the stones of the right waterfall are black, symbolizing the passions and compassion of the heart. The waterfalls mix in the swirling pool to balance, and inspire a clear response that travels through the sword and into truth. The rocks that Justice is standing on have symbols carved into them. Libra is the astrological aspect to Justice. Venus is the planet of Libra. The Hebrew letter is Lamed, meaning whip and faithful intelligence.

Justice as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

With Justice as a Lifetime Personality Symbol, you are a pretty direct person. You want things to be clear and simple without a lot of complications. Harmony and stability are very important to you. Being in nature is good for you; it regenerates your spirit. You will feel out of balance if you spend too much time away from the harmony of nature. You are always balancing and weighing situations. Make sure that before you make your move, it is right for you and those around you. You understand the laws of cause and effect. You hate making a wrong decision, but will also learn quickly from a so-called mistake. You try to be fair and just in your life. Emotional breakouts are not comfortable for you, and you try to avoid them. You will do well in areas of editing, writing, law and finances.

Justice as a Yearly Growth Symbol

The Justice year is a good year to balance health, finances and legal issues. Clarity, balance and harmony will be increasingly important to you. Anything that is not true to your heart and mind will be re-evaluated and cleaned up. There will be no tolerance for anything unclear or complex. Its a time also to clean up the clutter in your life, personally and in your living space. Spending time outside in nature and the sun will be an increasing desire this year. This is also a year to pay attention to any contracts dealing with partnerships. You want to make sure the contract is fair for everyone involved. This is a year to accept responsibility for yourself and your actions.