Judgement – #20
Resurrection/Awakening of the Self

The Judgement Key brings a higher level of awareness and resurrects one into a new way of thinking. It is a spiritual rebirth, a spiritual awakening. It is a time when life becomes fresh again and all the burdens or limitations from the past break away, opening one up to the beauty of universal love.
A judgmental attitude is probably one of the most difficult things from which to cleanse and heal. A lot of one’s judgement was ingrained as a child. As children we are impressionable. Children are sponges in their environment, taking in many things. When the Judgement Key calls to you, it is the voice of the Divine speaking to you through your higher self. The Divine is the source from whence we came. The Judgement Key helps you transform your judgements and beliefs into wisdom. It calls us to understand that we, as human beings, are all on the same path and it is our responsibility as individuals to do our part and bring the ‘all’ back to the rainbow path of the God/Creator.
Judgement is about taking the responsibility to care for yourself, by healing the parts of yourself that work against you and others. When one is in the full light of love of the self, then one works from unconditional love for all. You are like a pilgrim who has finally reached his spiritual destination. At this point, the judgements you had to make in the past, are in the past. Whether you deem them positive or negative, they were part of your journey to self discovery. You are here now in the present, emerging as a cleansed being, with the understanding ‘all is one’. By trusting this, we understand that there is a higher purpose to our existence, we are lead to new directions and goals. We come to realize that we as a human race are all connected and ultimately we share the same goal to commune with the ‘One’.
Judgement is a passageway to self-realization, where an individual’s consciousness is reborn back into the universal source. Judgement asks one to release the personal ego to a newer higher “awakening.” The higher self is calling upon the personality to rise up. Renewal is at hand. With Judgement, you achieve wisdom and the understanding that we live both in the eternal and temporal worlds. With Judgement, one views life from a greater perspective, seeing horizons once not visible. ‘Know thy self’ has been realized. You hear your higher self and become more dedicated to working for the highest good.


Symbolism in Judgement Image

The eagle (in Native American tradition represents our connection to the Divine) spirit in the sky symbolizes the God/Creator calling to our souls of consciousness to awaken to our higher selves and be aware of our worldly responsibility. The bear in the sky represents Ursa Major – big bear, whose star constellation is the Big Dipper. The seven stars in the big dipper are associated with the seven rays of God’s breath, represented by the rainbow tail descending down from the eagle. Each color of the rainbow has a sound, thus the call of the Divine flowing onto one’s life. The day is just dawning, symbolizing renewal. The bear symbolizes the power of introspection. In this image the Native American is being rebirthed from the golden egg, after a long incubation and hibernation in the dark cave. The dark cave in Native American tradition symbolizes the Great Void, where all solutions and answers lie in harmony. It is also the dream lodge, where illusions burn away to truth and then to expansiveness of eternity. The being ascends through the cave into the rainbow light of spirit and into renewal. On the cape is the Whirling Rainbow, symbolizing truth, giver of life, unity with all colors and nations working for peace on all levels. Seven eagle feathers hang from the cape. Each has a color of the rainbow that corresponds to the seven chakras and the seven rays. The snow-covered mountains in the background symbolize the spiritual heights that can be achieved on one’s journey, as well as the limitations and blocks that one encounters on his ongoing path to spiritual enlightenment. The lotus blossoms symbolize resurrection, purity and spiritual illumination. They grow out of the fire, expressing the desire to ascend to spirit. The planet associated with Judgement is Pluto and the Hebrew letter is Shin, meaning tooth or serpent’s fang.

Judgement as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality symbol, Judgement represents one who has the ability and insight to see the history of a situation and how it has evolved to the present. You can evaluate what is working and what is not. Judgmental patterns and beliefs will be a challenge for you, inspiring you to want to develop deep listening and seeing with wise discernment. More than most people, you have an inner desire to try to see things as holistically as possible. You are always seeking spiritual truth in your life. During your lifetime you may experience, more often than most, events that will be life-changing for you, events that will move you deeply inside, and rebirth you to another level of thought and consciousness. You are a very deep thinking and feeling person who feels things strongly. You have strong ties to family and friends. You may also have a desire to serve or volunteer for the betterment of your community and/or the world community.

Judgement as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During a Judgment year you may have a desire to break through some judgmental patterns and beliefs. It is a good year to integrate past experiences into the present and also a good year to let go of past experiences that keep you from spiritual growth. It is a year of healing and awakening yourself. You may have a desire to embrace your world in a more holistic way. Your views and beliefs about life and spiritual matters may become more expansive. You may decide to turn a new leaf, or you may want to make your life more meaningful in regards to your family, community and/or world community. It can be a very creative time for you to explore new horizons. It is a good year to refresh your spiritual self.