High Preistess

The High Priestess – #2
The Goddess of the Crescent Moon

The High Priestess is the Moon Maiden/Goddess in the cycles of the moon, the first aspect/phase of the Triple Goddess. She has a silent mysterious power that can look into one’s soul. The Priestess has deep wisdom and intuition. She contains all knowledge, but at a level that can only be expressed in symbols. This is often referred to as the psychic card. She is the feminine principle that balances the masculine principle of The Magician.
The High Priestess can pass back and forth through the veil behind her (represented by the spider’s web). The veil is the passage between the conscious and the unconscious realms. The High Priestess guards it well. The High Priestess helps us clarify our purpose and our potentials. As we peel back the layers of our personal veil we move deeper into ourselves, discovering our connection to the worlds of matter and spirit. Memory often comes from this experience. The High Priestess watches over the timeless hidden knowledge, dreams, and what is beyond the seemingly obvious. She is the portal or channel for universal mysteries that lay hidden behind the veil. The High Priestess is the link between the seen and the unseen.
The two pillars represent the positive and negative forces (our dualities). One only has to center and balance the polarities in one’s life to tap into this inherent knowledge, but also, one needs to trust this knowledge and intuition. The High Priestess keeps these dualities in balance by understanding the continuous cycling and rebalancing of life’s forces and experiences. One of the Priestess’ virtues is patience. She does not push. She waits for the perfect balance and then for the information to unfold. With the High Priestess, we realize all answers lie within each of us. We just have to take the time to dive deep into ourselves and trust and embrace the stillness. She urges us to quiet ourselves and to listen.
The High Priestess has the information of the Akashic Records (universal knowledge) in the star that she holds in her hands. She has the gift of knowing how to channel into the collective memory of the past, present and future, resolving blocks that can disturb one’s inner peace and balance. The star she holds contains the universe’s secrets, answers and mysteries that are available to us if we go within ourselves. Her message is to trust your inner self and intuition. She represents the beginning of an inner creative cycle. A time of going within, experiencing one’s dark mysterious self as well as one’s conscious self. Understanding and honoring both and balancing them can unveil the portal to the inner oasis of your soul.


Symbolism in The High Priestess Image

The crescent waxing moon above the dark pillar (the first aspect of the moon’s continuous cycle) on her right represents the time for planting seeds, intentions and ideas. The full moon above The High Priestess represents illumination, harvest, the fullness of life, the opened flower. The waning crescent moon to her left represents death going into rebirth and the learning and healing that comes through the process of passing through all the phases of the cycling moon.
The two pillars symbolize the dualities of one’s physical and spiritual life and negative and positive energies. The black pillar symbolizes understanding – the Pillar of Severity. The white pillar represents wisdom – the Pillar of Mercy. The High Priestess represents the central Pillar of Mildness. The spider’s web represents the veil between the conscious and the subconscious. It symbolizes creativity and all the possibilities in life, but also, it is there to make us aware that we can get trapped in the veil if we pass through it without the proper knowledge and preparedness. The High Priestess holds a star in her hands, symbolizing her ability to access the the Akashic Records (universal knowledge). The star in her crown symbolizes the sixth chakra – the third eye is associated with the High Priestess, symbolizing great insight.
Her dress is made up of a pattern of crosses (descent of spirit into matter and matter into spirit, the balance of male and female energies and the balance of four directions of spirit, emotions, mind and body) and spirals (spiral of life and the universe and its creative forces). Her dress flows into the pool of subconsciousness that reflects one back to the self. In the pool the blue color and the stars represent the deep knowledge and creativity that is constant in our universe.
The planet associated with the Priestess is the Moon and the Hebrew letter or name is Gimel, meaning camel.

The High Priestess
as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality symbol, The High Priestess represents one who has a deep regard for balance and harmony in his/her life. You are highly gifted in perception and intuition. One might call you empathic or psychic at times because of your great insight. You are a quiet soul. The High Priestess personality is independent and self-sufficient in his/her life. Solitude is important to you so you can re-connect with your spiritual source. Being near water is essential to you, as it heals and rejuvenates your spirit and body. Listen to your dreams and keep a dream journal. Exploring your deep unconscious can lead you to deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You are very sensitive to other’s feelings and cycles in their lives. People find you easy to talk to because you are receptive and gentle. You would be a good consultant, diagnostician or practioner in any career area where you can use your highly developed perceptions and insights.

The High Priestess
as a Yearly Growth Symbol

The Priestess year is a time of self-reflection. There may be a need for balance and harmony in your life. You need to trust your insights and perceptions. It is a time to fully express your independence, and not be restricted by limitations. A new identity of the self may emerge this year. Traveling to or being by water is very nourishing for you. You may want to honor and embrace your feminine qualities more consciously. This year is a good time to plant seeds for new projects. It is also a year when something new will present itself. This may be a year where your psychic abilities become more heightened. Mostly, The Priestess year is about quieting yourself to see what needs to be addressed in your life and honoring it.