The Hierophant – #5
The Inner Teacher/Spiritual Advisor

There are times in one’s life when we may feel lost, off center, disconnected, not knowing how to get back. This is the time when we usually seek The Hierophant. He is a spiritual advisor, the revealer of sacred things. He guides one back to the divine. The Hierophant represents that feeling or nudge inside us that says we need to listen. The Hierophant is the mediator between our spiritual world and our material world. He guides us back to the path of our spiritual journey in life.
The Hierophant in this image is a combination of a nontraditional and a traditional holy man. He is the enlightened one  to whom people come for guidance. He represents the bridge between God/Creator and man. He brings spiritual knowledge and God’s love into our hearts. The Hierophant is in each of us. He is the inner voice or feeling that calls to us. If we quiet ourselves and listen, we can learn the lessons of the Hierophant and become our own mediator between God and ourselves. The Hierophant is about discovering the divine in ourselves. The Hierophant inspires us to walk our spiritual talk and thoughts and to live our personal religion with integrity and authenticity.
The Hierophant encourages us to trust our intuition, and feel and trust our connection to the Divine and to all that is around us. The Hierophant is the teacher and student in all of us. The Hierophant channels the cosmic energy and knowledge from above into each of us, helping us to blend and balance our inner selves with our outer world. He helps us develop our human conscience and to initiate renewal and regeneration in our lives, by having us look at our reactions, beliefs, and lifestyles. The Hierophant is there to help us balance our dualities and to let the light of God/Creator come into our lives. The Hierophant works quietly within us, with divine’s all encompassing love. When you are feeling lost or off center, quiet yourself and listen to the guidance and prayers of The Hierophant. He will bring you back to your center, to God/Creator in each of us.

Symbolism in The hierophant Image

The Hierophant in this image represents both traditional and nontraditional spiritual faith. He has one blue eye and one brown eye, which symbolizes seeing life from all viewpoints. If you split his face in half, his right side speaks of traditional spiritual practices, and his left side speaks of nontraditional spiritual practices. His right hand touches his heart, symbolizing seeking one’s spiritual wisdom from a open, loving and peaceful heart. His crown has a five pointed crystal star, that represents man on his spiritual path. The crystals on top of the crown serve as conduits for incoming divine intelligence, represented by the sea of stars descending down to his crown. A medicine wheel sits on top of the crown, symbolizing the ever- changing cyclic path in one’s life. The Hierophant wears a breastplate of 12 sacred gems. Each gem has a magical power and all 12 gems work together. The breastplate was used by the High Priest in the Hebrew tradition during ceremony. The Hierophant wears eagle feathers in his hair, symbolizing the spirit rising to the divine, being able to live in the realm of spirit and remain connected to the realm of the earth. The smoking medicine pipe symbolizes one’s commitment to one’s path. The medicine pouch holds sacred tools of the physical and ethereal to take on one’s journey. The snake wrapped around the left arm symbolizes regeneration/transmutation. The rainbow robe represents all peoples and beliefs working together. The Hierophant sits on a gray stone throne symbolizing wisdom. The astrological symbol for The Hierophant is Taurus, the bull. The bull stands behind the throne on the right of the Hierophant. The bull represents earth, the masculine, loyalty and patience. The bear on the left of the Hierophant represents the feminine/receptive side, as well as introspection and dreaming. The lightning bolt represents enlightenment. The mountains behind symbolize the spiritual calling and the difficulties that one has to conquer as he ascends to the heights of spiritual understanding. The Hierophant is pointing to the entrance of the labyrinth. The labyrinth represents the journey of going within and communing with your divine, then returning to the outside world with new insights to live by. The five stones that surround the labyrinth each have symbols carved into them. The heart stone has the Hebrew letter Shin (tooth) and is the crown stone that makes up the pentagram (the figure of man). Each of the other four stones represent the four elements that complete the pentagram and also have Hebrew letters carved in them that represent the name of God. The dove represents the holy spirit bringing peace to our hearts during our journey. The roses (passion) and lilies (purity) intertwined symbolize the desire/passion for life with purity in the heart. The Hierophant’s number is five. He rules the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The Hebrew letter associated with the Hierophant is Vav, meaning nail.

The Hierophant as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality Symbol, The Hierophant represents one who is a problem solver. You are gifted in giving advice to others and are a good listener. You are able to decipher and simplify the components of a situation, so that it can be seen and understood. You respect and play by the rules. You don’t like making mistakes and sometimes this can hinder your decision making. You may have a problem with embracing new points of view and can get stuck in a dogmatic perspective. In your youth you may have been a bit rebellious, but later found your niche in the system that works for you. You have a strong sense of morals. The Hierophant personality is a natural teacher and speaker. Learning and teaching situations are important to you. Spiritual work is very important to The Hierophant personality and you will find yourself assisting others with inner work as well. Listen and trust your inner voice.

The Hierophant as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During The Hierophant year, you may find that you want to go back to school or take courses in higher education. You may find yourself counseling or teaching others or going to counseling yourself. This year you need to be authentic with yourself, making sure your actions and your words are true to your heart and not just acquired dogma or routine behavior. Your interest in spiritual development and exploring your inner self become important. There usually is an inner calling to be authentic with yourself. This is a year to clean up problems. This year may have some adversity and stress. It’s a good year to re-evaluate patterns and behaviors, and unresolved family issues