The Empress – #3

The Empress is the Great Mother, Mother Earth, the Universal Mother, the Eternal Mother, The Goddess of love, beauty, abundance and creative power. The Empress is passionate and sensual. She births life. She is the feminine creator manifesting nature’s magic in the physical world. She combines love with wisdom.
Her astrological aspect is Venus (the wishing star), symbolizing emotions, love, passion, imagination, the arts and music. The Empress rules from the heart (passions/desires). Her color is green, symbolizing healing love and creativity. Her Number is three, the number of conception, manifestation and new beginnings. She is the combination of the Magician (1), the masculine aspect – self-consciousness, activeness, and The High Priestess (2), the feminine aspect – subconsciousness, emotions and instinct. This combination brings together opposites into a wholeness or balance, bringing forth new ideas and forms into the world. Thus creation.
The Empress is nature, fertility, birth, motherhood, nurturing, harmony and sensuality. She signifies the importance of living in harmony with our earth and its creatures, awakening one’s inherent feelings between earth and the self. She is cyclic like nature, representing the process of renewal. Through her, life force is birthed into the world of form. The Empress is the revolving door of creation and manifestation. All living creations spring forth from her and return to her.
The Empress’ message is to love and understand yourself and those around you. Open up your heart; live and make your choices in life with love in your heart. Honor and live your heartfelt desires; they will guide you to a full and abundant life. Honor nature; bring more of it into your life. Don’t be afraid of your sensuality and passions. The Empress has the passion to live life to the fullest. Passion is her ally. She allows her imagination to blossom with ideas, and gives those ideas attention, nurturing them until they come to fruition. She is always pregnant with the spiraling energy of life and creativity. The Empress deeply loves nature, growing things, being outdoors, family, friends and partners. She will love and protect her world with strong passion and she can be willful. Balanced and whole, The Empress’ love is always unconditional and true.
The Empress combines all that we know and love in our world, holding everything precious and dear. Nothing goes unanswered. Her shield of love shelters and protects us all. Her strength and passion is in each of us. Live life through love and understanding and you will heal. Let her energy spiral through your being. Watch your imagination soar in unlimited creative directions. Be clear about what you want. See your ideas and desires manifest into form. Plant your seeds with The Empress’ passion and love and watch them grow. Your creation will rise over the horizon like the full moon, illuminating the magical night sky and the world around it. We all are creators.

Symbolism in The empress Image

The Empress wears the universe for her jewelry. On her necklace are the nine planets. The bottom symbol on the necklace is the symbol of the planet Venus. Her crown is a twelve-petaled lotus; each petal has the heart of love and passion and is topped by a star representing combined wisdom of the twelve zodiac symbols. The roses in her hair and on her gown represent her passion for living life to the fullest, in a balanced way, creating and exploring the imagination. She is pregnant with the spiralling energy of life and creativity, birthing them into the world. She wears the Milky Way on her dress, symbolizing mother’s milk to nourish the earth and all her creatures.
The Empress is surrounded by five birds. Birds are messengers of the spirit. The eagle represents the messenger from the divine, connecting her to the light of the universe, carrying the power and wisdom of the spirit in the star. The swan represents the beauty of transformation. The dove represents the spirit of deep love with wisdom and inner peace. The hummingbird represents the spirit of spreading love and joy to all. The sparrow on her shoulder sends her knowledge learned from past experiences.
The deer represents her love, compassion and gentleness. The sleeping nature spirits and rabbit symbolize trust and security in their mother’s world. The nature spirits are also dedicated to the balance and care of earth and her creatures, plants and environment. The turtle is the mother symbol, and on her shell is the spiral of the triple goddess. The calla lilies and lotus blossoms are feminine beauty combined with strength, clarity of mind and spirituality. The two crescent moons represent the waxing and waning of the moon’s cycles and of the self’s cycles. The full Moon symbolizes illumination. The wheat and wheat fields symbolize the harvest of one’s life. The golden apples on the apple tree are the gifts or harvest of a full life. The pomegranate tree symbolizes fertility in all creations. Venus is the planet associated with The Empress and the Hebrew letter is Daleth, meaning door. The fifth chakra (throat) is associated with The Empress.

The Empress as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

As a Lifetime Personality Symbol, The Empress represents one who enjoys nurturing others. You have a great capacity to heal and comfort people and animals. You love the arts and creativity. You have a deep love and respect for nature. Professionally you will be attracted to the medical field and healing arts, veterinary work, gardening, environmental landscaping and anything that evolves around nature and the arts. You are a very passionate and sensual person who lives life to the fullest. Look at motherhood issues, whether it be with your own mother, your children, or what you have created in your life. It comes back to the mother in each of us and how we nurture ourselves and others. We can’t fully create until we heal our “mother” relationships. It’s also important to take the time and nurture yourself. Being outdoors and experiencing nature is best.

The Empress as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During The Empress year is a good time to re-connect with mother nature. You may have a strong desire to be outside in nature and/or to garden. There may be motherhood issues that will arise that have to be dealt with and healed. This is a year to excel professionally. If you have a creative plan, put your passion and energy there to make it happen. This is a year to go for what is heartfelt. This is also a year to bring more harmony into your life. It is a year when you need to be true to your heart. It is a good year to strive for emotional balance in your life. This can be a very fertile year on many levels. Let your imagination soar.