The Emperor – #4
Personal Power and Leadership

The Emperor is yang energy and is sometimes called ‘father of civilization’ (because he brings order and structure to situations that are chaotic and out of balance). He is a mediator who balances the forces between the realm of the universe with the material world. His number four symbolizes wholeness and new beginning. When you think of the number four, you can start identifying it’s aspects in our physical world – 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 phases of the moon, 4 basic geometric figures (circle, square, line, triangle) and there are many more. Four represents the relationship man has as a human being with this material world, acting out what he feels. Four represents completion and starting something new from a strong foundation. The Emperor creates a square out of the four, bringing four walls into a structure – a room – a building – a safe, secure place where one can think and act out situations rationally, rather than reacting from a survivalist position. The Emperor brings the idea of logos (word), expressing one’s inward and outward journeys with language and communication. He has experienced life on many levels – pain, war, hardship, death, spirituality, love, beauty and prosperity. He has earned his title as The Emperor. His leadership abilities come from his experiences and his transcendent and acquired knowledge. He expresses himself with courage to move forward for the betterment of all, knowing he serves a higher cause that is beyond himself. he has the power to give life or death, but he rules with a firm base of clear knowledge and balanced leadership. Focus and timing are his tools. He knows the cause he serves and how to use his tools. If he loses focus of his cause he can be overthrown.
Our personal power is acquired in the process of growing up. The mystery of being born, the transformation into the physical world and saying the words “I AM”, represent the astrological sign Aries, which is the astrological sign of the Emperor. “I AM” is the start of your journey in this world and how you communicate your ideas and feelings. One’s innocence and vulnerability can get caught up in the rules and traditions of family structure and society. As one grows older a personal code begins to develop. This is where one’s personal power comes into play – to be able to shed the old and make way for new understandings and not be held to limited beliefs and structures that can stifle and stunt one’s personal growth. Recognizing what is right and wrong and true to your heart is part of gaining personal power and then living it.
The Emperor is in each of us. He is the expression of our personal power and leadership. His yang energy gives one vision and vitality to start new projects or express new ideas. He knows how to set his boundaries and what tools he needs to create. He knows that empowering others in a positive way, in turn empowers him. He represents the new dawn, the morning star, the rising sun shining on a new day to be expressed and experienced. The Emperor is full of adventure and exploration. His energy is high and ready to move. Use the wisdom of the Emperor and honor what your heart speaks true. Build new strong foundations in your life, tap into your personal power and find your talent for leadership.

Symbolism in The Emperor Image

Above The Emperor is an eclipse between the sun and the moon. The morning star rises above the eclipse to greet a new dawn, symbolizing the blending of spirit and soul with the promise of new beginnings. The white horse represents the masculine, and wisdom with power. The black horse represents the feminine side, knowing the power of entering the darkness/void and finding the light and where answers lie. The lion cub represents our developing strength and responsibility to our environment and future worlds. The Emperor extends the father’s guiding hand, ruling with wisdom, valour, protection, love and respect for all those who rely on him. The lion cub will grow to be a very strong and formidable ally.
The dragon represents the four elements of our earth and spiritual power that has fully manifested in The Emperor. The dragon also represents the Emperor’s connection to mother earth and respect for the environment. The dragon embodies the unification of the underlying opposites of light/dark, symbolizing the primal energy that upholds the material world, which can turn good or bad, on many different levels. The oak/eagle chair tree represents 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 elements, etc. The oak tree represents divinity and the masculine principle. The eagle represents one’s connection with the divine. The eagle soars high reminding one to look at the bigger picture, to see the broad horizon and know that the great universe is always there, to help one build greater new worlds. The red lotus blossoms rise with strength, passion and purity, from the muddy waters of the unknown. All of the above are inherent tools of The Emperor. Aries the Ram is his astrological sign and is represented on The Emperor’s breastplate. Aries is fire and the symbol of spring/new beginnings. The Hebrew letter is Heh, meaning window.


The Emperor as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

The Emperor as your Lifetime Personality symbol represents one who is a visionary and pioneer – one who has strong leadership abilities. You have a natural ability to start and run your own business. The Emperor represents power, leadership and fatherhood, so how you take action in these areas determines how you run your life. Do you work from wisdom and fairness rather than from aggression and manipulation? You can be a builder of new worlds if you respect your power to empower others. You have a deep love for the creative process and setting something new into motion. Travel and adventure is of great interest to you, so you may find yourself traveling a lot during your lifetime. The Emperor personality has a strong personality and needs to be in a career where he can express his talents, creativity and ideas.

The Emperor as a Yearly Growth Symbol

During an Emperor year you may try out your leadership skills, start new projects, have more important responsibilities. There may be issues around fatherhood and authority that need to be addressed and healed. The Emperor year is a year of new beginnings and moving into new directions. You may create new boundaries for yourself or redefine the existing ones. It may be a year when you relocate or travel. It’s a creative leadership year, so starting new ventures is favorable.