The Chariot

The Chariot – #7
Victory of Deeper Spiritual Understanding

The Chariot represents victory through willpower and self-mastery. The Chariot moves into your life fast and then rests to help you assimilate all that has taken place. The Chariot is action, change, victory, success, moving in or out of a situation, traveling, refocusing, new perspectives and thoughts. And while all this is going on, the future lays ahead, veiled. The familiar skills you once relied on are outgrown and not useful on your new course. This can make you very restless, confused or fearful. Keeping your center and focusing on these changing times is difficult and often a struggle. The Chariot is a warrior hero; he has had many life experiences and has learned the deeper you dig inside yourself the more inner strength you will find. He also has the power of will and determination. He holds and balances our dualities and oppositions, our subconscious and conscious, our masculine and feminine.
As the The Charioteer rides the heavens, his job is to keep centered and balanced and master the ever-changing inner and outer worlds of our lives. He holds a magic wand, his power and spiritual maturity to control how the magic of life unfolds in his world. If he is able to balance and control the opposing forces in his life, he is then able to direct his passions and desires into manifestation. The Chariot symbolizes the self and the direction or path that one is taking in one’s life. It represents our physical expression as well as our spiritual expression.
The Chariot’s number is seven. Seven is victory and the number of initiation. Seven is a transformative and a sacred number. It represents the make-up of our inner spiritual life while we are on earth. With the number seven we are soul-searching and seeking a deeper meaning of life on a spiritual level. Some associations of the number seven are the seven sacred planets, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven chakras, the seven musical notes, seven rays and seven days of the week or creation. Seven speaks of our internal drive to understand more about ourselves spiritually and our relationship to the mysteries of our universe.
The Chariot brings change. Change helps us to grow, evolve and transform on many levels. Change brings opportunity, new life, new reality, new views and perspectives that stretch and deepen our human nature. Change is magical, it opens doors and creates opportunity. How we drive our chariot is a reflection of how we handle life and life’s oppositions. The Chariot is full of movement and opportunities for success. It also gives you quietude and rest, so that you are able to listen to your intuition, your inner voice. The Chariot is victory in all aspects of our lives. The Chariot gives us the willpower and the intuition to ride the rocky course of life into victory. Look at your challenges through the soul of The Chariot. Use it’s creative force and success will follow.

Symbolism in the Chariot Image

The four poles of The Chariot represent the four earthly elements in balance. At the top of each pole is an eight-pointed star representing ‘as above so below’. The Charioteer wears the crown of divine guidance with the the eight-pointed star in the center. The two five-pointed stars represent the pentagram, the evolving human intelligence. The charioteer is the spirit descending. His chariot represents one’s vessel/vehicle. The laurel wreath he wears represents victory. The feathers are a combination of eagle (spirit), hawk (messenger) and raven (magic). The crescent moons on his shoulders represent the cycles of life’s ups and downs. The square shape on his chest represents the T-cross of saturn which is connected to sun circle above, symbolizing his heartfelt commitment to working with his limitations to achieve his victory. The Charioteer’s belt has two triangles, one pointing up (fire) and one pointing down (water) with the eight-pointed star in the middle; again ‘as above so below’. On the face of The Chariot is the starburst with the yin/yang symbol, signifying the union of heaven and earth and masculine and feminine forces. Below the starburst is the Hebrew letter for The Chariot, Cheth, meaning fence. Where the two horses join there is the anka amulet, an Egyptian symbol of eternal life. The Chariot’s astrological symbol is Cancer and its symbol is shared by the two horses. With The Chariot you are both the warrior and the crab (Mars in Cancer). All the symbols on the Chariot and The Charioteer’s chest are connected, balancing and combining spirit and material with focus, determination and heartfelt purpose. At the top of his wand is a lunar crescent and figure eight, representing the subconscious working with the conscious personality (as above so below). It is the Magician's wand. The horses are moving in different directions, representing the positive and negative forces of one’s senses and dualities and contradictions. The Charioteer is constantly balancing them, keeping them in control. The horses are magical creatures that can take The Chariot into the cosmos to explore all the possibilities the universe has to offer. Floating around the horses are the astrological symbols and the 7 sacred planet symbols, all tools that are available to him. The stars in the heavens represent The Charioteer’s journey into the cosmos. The wall behind The Chariot represents moving out from his protective environment and limitations, thus stretching his limits.

The Chariot as a Lifetime Personality Symbol

The Chariot personality is a multi-tasker. You like being in the driver’s seat. You like being in control. You know what you want. Change and variety are part of your life. Balancing movement and quietude is essential; too much of either one can burn you out or bore you. You like stimulation. You can stay in one situation, personally or professionally, if it provides variety and challenge that you want and need. You love your home and family and will keep things interesting and moving. You love to travel. You are a natural motivator and you have the ability to see old things in fresh new ways. You are usually successful in all your endeavors, as long as you keep your focus and balance. The number 7 repesents mastery as wellas luck.

The Chariot as a Yearly Growth Symbol

The Chariot year is a good time to relocate, travel or make career changes. It also is a year where there may be changes tied with the family and home; moving, remodeling or people moving in or out. Career promotions or opportunities can happen during this year. This can be a lucky year for you. This year things are likely to go your way. Opportunities will present themselves. It is a year to focus and harness your energies. Move forward and make the changes in your life that feed your heart and spirit. Don’t be held back by worn-out ideas, conditions and beliefs that stifle your growth.