Bear Reflections/Other Worlds

This painting is about connecting to your other self. A different dimension than what we are use to. It shows one that there are other worlds in our very own world and if we go deep inside our hearts and souls we can find the beauty that rests and wanders like we do in this life time. The full moon represents the fulfillment in life that we sometimes do not recognize. It also represents the completion of a cycle. The shooting star is new beginnings descending into our life. Thus, new life, as well as life passing. It depends where one is in the cycle of life.

Where the bears share the star, is one's heart truly embracing all that is above and below and what gifts and challenges we receive in life, understanding that, it is all as it should be. Both bears are on a separate journey, looking at their path in a slow and methodical way. They may not be of the same world, but they take time to peer into each other's world. To see and understand each other and reflect and respect each others path. They represent the brothers and sisters of other worlds/lands that share experiences through moments of understanding, as we all are sharing the world, its destiny, and the universal spirit. Whatever touches one touches the other. Ultimately they are the same and come to recognize this on their journey in life.