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Lifetime personality Symbol and Growth Symbol in the major Arcana of the Tarot
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Each tarot image correspond to a number. Under each image is an explanation of the image’s meaning, symbols, lifetime personality and yearly growth symbol. In the Tarot Gallery just click on the small picture and a larger image will come up with all information under it.  Each of us has a numerological number that we were born to, and the numbers correspond to one of the major arcana images. You can find your Lifetime Personality Symbol and your Yearly Growth Symbol by following the examples below.

How to determine your Lifetime Personality
Add together your birth year, month, and day.    See examples below.

1955 Birth Year   1956 Birth Year  
      3 Month       9 Month
     22 Day       9 Day
1980 1974
(1+9+8+0) = 18 = The Moon (1+9+7+4) = 21 = The World; (2+1) = 3= The Empress
Another example would be 1976 (1+9+7+6 ) = 23 (2+3) = 5, The Lifetime Personality Symbol is 5 (The Hierophant). If your final number is higher than 22, reduce it to a single digit, as in the above example.

In the example above you have a Lifetime Personality Symbol of 21
(The World), and a Soul Symbol of 3 (The Empress). In some cases like
the example above, people have more than one number for their
Lifetime Personality Symbol. Another example of this would be the
Lifetime Personality of 18 (The Moon), which reduces to the Soul
Symbol of 9 (The Hermit, 1+8 = 9)

There is one case where you can have three symbols - the Lifetime
Personality Symbol, your day-to-day inspiration, the Soul Symbol,
your spiritual inspiration, and the Creative Symbol,  how you express
balance in life's experiences. That number is 19 (The Sun). This is
the only combination that has 3 numbers. In this combination the
number 19 is the Lifetime Personality Symbol. Then you add 1+9 = 10
(The Wheel of Fortune), your Soul Symbol. Then add 1+0 = 1 (The
Magician), your Creative Symbol. The Lifetime Personality
explanations also apply to the Soul Symbol and the Creative Symbol.


The number 22 in numerology represents the 'Master Builder' or 'Spiritual Master in form'. People who are 22s may find themselves feeling like they live in two different worlds, the mundane and the inspired adventurer. In the majors of the Tarot there are 22 images. These images are numbered 0-21. The Fool represents the number 0 and the 22nd card. So, many times 22 can be connected to The Fool '0' for the Lifetime Personality Symbol. But there is more to this: 22 reduces to the number 4 (2+2 = 4) (The Emperor). 22 can also reduce to the number 0 (2-2 = 0), (The Fool). The number 22 combines wisdom of The Emperor with carefree recklessness of The Fool. In the case of 22 your Lifetime Personality Symbol can be either The Fool or The Emperor. You'll have to read about each to determine which personality profile fits the person best. And then again they may be a combination of both.

How to determine your Yearly Growth Cycle
Add together the current year, your birth month, and birth day.   This growth cycle begins on your birthday of each year.
If your final total is 21 or less do not reduce the number.  If your total is 22 or higher, reduce to a single digit.

  2006 = Current Year  
      12 = Month  
      24 = Day  
  (2+0+4+2) = 8 = Strength  


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