Flight of the Horse Spirit

This painting is about the spirit, strength and wildness of the mustang that is in each of us when we set our fears a side and run free. The yellow mustang represents illumination - The Sun Horse. The Black mustang represents entering the darkness and finding light in the void - this is where answers lie. The purple mustang represents the magic at work in our universe that makes dreams possible. The White Mustang represents wisdom with power. The blue mustang represents harmony of the inner and outer cosmos, as well as our inner and outer cosmos of ourselves. The red mustang represents passion for life played out in a balanced way. The golden brown mustang represents promise and hope. These mustangs represent the
gifts that one can meditate on and pull from our universe and our world. The lightening represents the unpredictable events that take place in our lives. Lightening is an unpredictable element in our environment. It is beautiful yet scary to watch. You never know when or where it is going to hit. You can feel the power of its electrical force. Spiritually and metaphorically when lightening strikes it breaks stuck old energy which needs to be shifted, it also brings
enlightenment. This painting is to remind one of their responsibility to nature, animal and ourselves. But, also to find and use our power responsibly.