Clint's Magical Eagle

Clint’s Magical Eagle

By Cathy McClelland
Painting finished June, Friday the 10th at 4pm, 2016
Commissioned by Clint Lowell

Clints’ Magical Eagle painting was inspired by Clint’s love for the west shore and beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe. The eagle is Clint’s personal totem, so there is strong focus on the majestic eagle who oversees the land of mother earth and the sky of father spirit.

Eagle symbolizes strength, vision, healing and the power of the great spirit. He flies close to the divine connecting both worlds of spirit and earth together. His lesson to us is to soar high above fears and the mundane, serving the highest good for yourself and the collective world/universe. The eagle is perched on a twisted branch of a white bark pine tree. Three (creation) salmon (wisdom) swim through its strong limb, pulsing with the energy of inner knowing.

The sky and clouds suggest the continual spiraling of all things in life combined with spirit and the infinite wisdom that surrounds us. The dawning sky represents a new day of possibilities. The spiraling clouds are reflected in the lake, deepening our subconsciousness into new realms of grace and wisdom.

In the mountains there is a profile of the great bear symbolizing introspection, dreamtime, visions and the sacred feminine. The bear also represents respect for the cycles and seasons of life. There is also a profile of an eagle head off one of the cliffs.

The ancient White bark pine grows powerfully from the granite. It’s gnarly trunk twists and turns with perseverance facing the harsh winters and hot summers. It’s beauty and fortitude emerge with the profile of a native woman raising her arms to the new day and blessing the land. Smaller White bark pines leap out in the forms of two wolves. The wolf represents the teacher and guide that inspires one
to follow their true path.

The granite rock is carved with petroglyphs of the ancient peoples reminding one of the inherent wisdom that is available when we listen and pay attention. There are also animal forms in the granite (small bear, wolf, raven and you may find others as well).
As in all life, magic is ever present swirling around 
our beloved mother earth, through nature and its creatures and spirit above.
Each calls to our hearts and souls to be aware and listen to its energies.
Clint’s Magical Eagle is here to remind us of our true path.