Bear Moon

The Bear Moon original painting was first inspired by taking a lovely hike along the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. from Sugar Pine point to Emerald Bay. The only hike that I know of that takes you along edge of the lake without any development or roads. It is full of sugar pine trees, cliffs, wonderful granite rocks and granite formations. The lake drops off there to very beautiful deep water and it is magical and wild. I came to love this hike and its energy.

I wanted to paint the feeling of this place. The West Shore of Lake Tahoe is also known for its black bears. And the two went together so well. At the time of this painting, the Comet "Halebop" (hopefully that is the correct spelling) was in the night sky, so I included it. The moon is always a subject in my paintings, its cycles representing cycles in one's life. In this painting it is full, the completion of something and the start of something. The mother bear with her cubs, taking time to appreciate the moon, is a reflection that all animals are sensitive to the cycle of life and the seasons. The whole feeling of this painting is to represent the magical quality that this area has. It is a large pinting 3-1/2' x 5-1/2'

While painting this painting. (my first lake tahoe and bear painting) I lost a little being very dear to me. So this piece became a healing piece for my sorrow. I cried during the process of this painting but, also it warmed my heart every time I saw it. The little bear looking back is the spirit that is always with you no matter where you go.